jueves, junio 19, 2008

Help me, dear Teacher

Dear Proffessor:

I am sorry if I disturb your peace of heart and soul again.

I am Linda, the most fervorous student you may ever have, do you remember me?

I know I had being naughty, but it was only to delight your instincts, to make you laugh and feel the sparkling light of your laugh in my ears.

I know I had being immature, but you know this youth make me do stupid things.

I know I had being irritating, but is just because I need a little atemption.

I know, most of the times, I had being extremly sweet, but that is just because I love you and I cant help it.

I know I had being like a fly, bugging around you, trying to call for your atemption; but its because I really miss you.

I would be lying if I say that I am sorry about all that. I am not. And this is not an apologize letter, all by the contrary. This should be a demanding paper.

I just have one complain to make to you, dear Professor:

You never tough me how could I live with out you.

That's why I sit every day in that bench in front of you, cause I am waiting for a last lesson. I need to know my last notes. And the more important thing:

I need instructions to know how I will going to do to breath without you.

With my eternal love and devotion,


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